Guys, if you asked a girl out (a complete stranger) you didn't know her really at all! She turns you down! The guy is 46 and the girl is 21?

She's been trying to contact you to tell you how deeply sorry she is at that being asked out kinda caught her off guard... what would you do?


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  • I don't know how he asked you but if I was the guy then I'd say "I apologize for being so direct. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience that might have caused you. I sincerely hope that you would forgive me but my intention was genuine."

    You get rejections all the time. Any guy worth his salt would try to leave a ladder so he and his person-of-interest could climb down from being awkward yet also leave enough room for a rematch.


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  • i'd assume this guy should understand most gals aren't into 46 yo guys :|

  • Probably best

  • Guys that age see young girls as young, naive and fresh pussy, you're deluded and naive if you think any different.

    • Not all guys that age are that way...

    • To a 46 year old man with all that life experience, you're pretty much just a kid, as far as mentality goes, what do you know about anything? He's not going to respect you, so what's he after? A young girl who can be easily handled and who just turned ripe!