Girls, do you agree with other peoples view and my opinion?

That lookwise i am a 8 and could get a girl in that range


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  • Based on your profile picture...
    It will depend on your crowd.

    Good luck =)

    • What do you mean crowd?

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    • Hey, I didn't have a boyfriend until 23 either. You need to be confidence. Don't get your self esteem from us, build it yourself. Nothing is awkward unless you make it so. :) Go to the gym and work out, that would be my first advice.

    • I go to the gym already


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  • Damn boy you're confident well... kudos to you for that but... in my eyes you're not an 8 maybe and maybe a 3 1/2 but most definetely not an 8

    • Nah see i knew i was below average i dont know why the hell girls be looking at me

  • You're not an 8 in my book, maybe a 5 which I consider average. I only answered that way because you asked the question with regards to a specific number.

    Do yourself a favor and stop rating people including yourself; It's demeaning and very shallow.

    • I do it to try to boost my shit self-esteem

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    • I just hope one day i get a pity girlfriend

    • Girl that will date me cause she feels sorry cause it wouldn't happen any other way