Is this a date or just hanging out?

My crush knows I like him and after I got his number and he was leaving for summer break, he told me we'd hang out. So I texted him asking if he wanted to hang out over the summer and he replied with a yes. I then asked if he wanted to come to the pier with me and my friend next week. He accepted. I don't think of this as a date, but everyone I tell says it is. Also, my friend is bringing the guy she likes too so?

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  • its not a date.

    • also, if you have to guess if its a date then its not a date.

      you get asked out on a date, its specified then and there.

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  • Not really a date cause you're with a group. Unless you established it as a double date...

  • If you're with a friend, it's not a date
    A date means Just You 2

  • Now a days those are two of the same. No one asks people out any more, they usually say let's hang out with the intention of it turning into a date if it goes well, but if it doesn't go well they can always say; "Hey it's not like we were on a date, we were just hanging out". Which is bullshit. :p and a lot of cheaters use this sas a escape clause to cheat on their girlfriend.


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