Treat em mean to keep em keen but how far is too mean?

i recently took this approach but not in a nasty way with a girl i dated who got cold feet and it worked and she wants to meet up next week. When you are dealing with a shy girl is there a limit to how mean you should be. The reason been it took guts for her to arrange this and secondly i don't want to come across as been inconsiderate. For example, i stopped texting and emailing but would talk to her when i'd see her.


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  • "treat em mean to keep em keen" I can't believe a 36-45 follows that stupid theory.

    • well you would be surprised that women in the same age bracket told me to use that supid theory as you call it. i assumed their advice was best approach. seems all is not what it should be in the sisterhood camp

    • Sisterhood? Since when women are similar to one another? That's crazy.
      If I assumed all men are the same, I would have already given up in dating.

    • just tryibg to point out to you that my approach was from female opinions as well as male and both say the sqme. you can't come along and belittle someones approach especially if someday you have to use it yourself and it worked. ultimately its not about been mean its about giving her time to reflect


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  • Need more info, so far, based on what u put in the feed... you are just trying to increase your interest level... it appears possibly she responds to mystery... Or some level of self control on your part... if she is shy you will have to encourage her to come out her shell, if she truly likes you no matter what you do other than really treating her bad , she is going to be with you... its all in the cards my friend.

    • your right, the treat em mean phase is over, she's done the hard bit by asking to hook up again. i will text or email but not do overkill as that might put her off, at the same time i need to be careful not to refuse to do so out of stubborness.

  • There's a limit with everyone not just shy girls. Everyone has a breaking point but its different for everyone. Ask her if your being too mean

  • Research evolutionary psychology.