Guys, How did you make her smile?

Pretty girl looking at a magazine in the lobby at your 3 o'clock, she has very beautiful legs from here to Tallahassee, long flowing hair, or short, beautiful, eyes framed in a face of an Angel... and as the air blows in your direction she smells like a pretty flower in the spring... you made the decision your gonna holla, or speak to her... so you roll up your sleeves , walk over with a manly strut, and you approach her and said what?


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  • -flashes back- Ah I had a girl like that once.

    Hmmm I suppose I would do one of my signature half smiles, tell her how beautiful she is and that I just it wouldn't be me if I did not give her this.

    My gentleman's calling card which reads would you be so kind as to give me your number? if yes hand card back to owner, if no rip up.

    But that kicker is that it's made out of really strong paper that can't be ripped so I'll at least get a smile out of her or two I'll get the number and believe it or not it actually works lol.

    • Ah... hah... now what story, improv , props,, theatrics, yes my good sir you'd make a fine player... haha...

    • Lol not really a player to be honest, but I do know how to make a girl smile.

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  • hmmm... i'd smile at her obviously i guess

    • U must have a gorgeous smile... so you got a date just flashing pearly whites?

    • Awww thanks... although not thinkin bout a date atm

  • Do something stupid XD

  • "I'm a shy person, and I don't usually do this, you can tell my by voice that I'm a bit nervous. But your beauty catched my eye and it wouldn't be me if I wouldn't say anything about it"

    • Dang dude, you just got player status for that! U get the number?

    • No
      I'm not interested in getting her number. I just wanted to say what I thought of her. If she's one of a kind to me, I find it more than normal to comment on her beauty

  • Can I talk to you or will your husband get angry?

  • Hi my name is... my your looking exceedingly lovely today, kisses her hand.

    • Chivalrous knight of the order of Gentlemen, I dub thee player... nice bro, thanxs for you.