How do you date a recovering addict?

I love this guy but its getting to the point where he is not dependable but I do know he cares about me. When he actually does show up its sweet and he says he wants us to be happy and to fix our relationship. Then when we're apart he barely answers me or he flakes at times. Sometimes I don't know if he really means what he says or if drugs are just more of a priority? I dont want to give up on him but I really dk what to do now...

I forgot to mention he spends most of his time with his friends smoking weed and drinking. He used to be a method addict


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  • You could stand by and be there from a distance. When he wants to quit and move on from it all be there to help him. He won't stop until he commits to it. If your not ok with being #2 to drugs then when he comes around be a friend to him but keep a little distance. Make sure he knows there is a choice to be made. Just try not to turn your back on him. He needs to know there are people who his disease hurts and that they care about him an hope for his recovery. Good luck. It's a tough role to fill you'll need to be strong.

    • How do you know when to give up on someone though?

    • When they offer no positivity in your life.


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  • Give him drugs.


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  • Maybe you should distance yourself. If the relationship is hurting you emotionally it might just not be ment to be. I know it's hard but it's probably fir the best, and you can stay friends and close.

  • For the first year or so after recovery, you don't.

    • At some point, also, you have to decide whether you value your relationship with yourself and your own health more than your relationship with him.

    • I've told him we can't be together romantically but I'm always here if he needs me. He always comes back wanting to fix things and he seems so sincere and happy when I say OK bit he just never changes. He's actually a good guy but the drugs man... I hate drugs!!

    • I think that keeping him in your life is only going to hurt you in the long run. He can't be what you need him to be and he takes advantage of your kindness.