Does it sound like he likes me?

Okay, so, to be short, I met a guy online and we chatted for about a week and then we met up. We had a great time and he even came back to see me later that evening when I got out of work. The next day I did not hear from him much and he said that he was still very interested in chatting he just needed the day to himself because he had a lot going on. He has only logged on once to the dating profile since we met, and it's been days. He texts me everyday, just not as much as he use to (but it could be it is I caught him on his days off fe work before). We have plans to go out on Sunday but I am confused. Is a guy still interested if he is not texting like crazy? I probably sound dumb, but thanks for your input.


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  • Don't sweat texting so long as he's responsive in person. Many guys including myself only like to text a few times a day even with people I'm interested in. It's just not as engaging as in person conversations. Plus not everyone is glued to their phones.

    • That's true! Thanks for the comment. It's funny how women overthink everything when it comes to guys they like. Thanks for the insight


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  • if he's still textin then sure he does i believe


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  • It sounds like he is interested in you. He may not be a fan of texting.