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Hello to all, im a 22 yr old girl, been in a 7 year old relationship (my only 1 relationship) which unfortunately didn't last, we broke up 8 mths ago.
Since then im still single. I have never ever been proposed by a guy.
Why is that?
Infact my ex boyfrienand and i ended up together because he was messaging sm1 and missed number, so the message ended up in my inbox, and like that we started txting etc n were in a relationship, we met for the first time 4 months after we started talking!
*i am not an unattractive girl i can say
*I have few guy friends from college
*Funny girl
*i am bit of a shy person. When meeting sm1 new i take my own time in knowing and it can take several weeks before i can open up truly


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  • If you are happy with yourself than do not change. You seem like a well rounded woman that does not need to panic and end up in a relationship with some creep. Meeting people takes time and effort. Just keep yourself open to possibilities and try to seize them when they present themselves.


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  • You seem just a bit of shy person, take your time with whatever it is or whoever it is.

  • You got to break out of that shyness.


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  • You probably do not look very approachable.