When a guy asks you out, but hasn't planned anything?

So im on this dating app and i guy asked me to grab a drink tonight. I said yes, but he didn't really have anything "ready", when i asked him where, he said resturant (not anything spesific and he didn't ask where i wanted to go), i asked him what resurant, he said he didn't know. And when i asked him when he asked me when i wanted to meet.

I dont know how to feel about it... im kinda used to the guy knowing-what-he-wants- kinda thing, but he's English isn't great, and on his profile it says he speaks polish... So im thinking that might explain it and that he nor from here... i dont know.. what do you think?

by the way i have very little experience when it comes to dating at all.. Last time i went out on a date was in February and i was the one to ask the guy out.


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  • Well most guys never really know any of this stuff. For some guys making those decisions can be extremely stressful especially if they've dated a really picky girl. My ex used to say she didn't care what we ate then either reject every suggestion or complain the whole time at a restaurant. So I never pre-planned restaurants just had a list of options waiting that If use after figuring out what kind of food she wanted that day. Some guys especially those who get rejected a lot would rather ask what times were okay for you before giving a time and getting shut down. That way if she doesn't show you know she just didn't want to come instead of wondering if she honestly had conflicting plans. So if he doesn't give a time or place it may not be a bad sign. He may be inexperienced, unprepared or prepared and just waiting for more info from you.


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  • then y don't u suggest sth to him?

    • sth?

    • something

    • Oh! Lol im not good with American or English slang.. Anyway, I did suggest time and place

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  • Language barrier is hard also he may not know many places bare in mind