Can't get over her?

I dated this girl for 4 months, I fell for her and then she broke up with me and got together with this other guy. I eventually moved on and started dating this other girl, I thought I had completely gotten over her but then the feelings kept coming back, its been 4 months and im still not over her, does it just take more time or what?


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  • Jesus I don't know😞I'm in a similar pickle and all I can feel is emptiness, a void of you will. However I have no idea why I feel like this. Everyone seems to think it's love... I honestly wish I had some closure then again if I spoke to this person again would I actually have "closure" or would this communication open a whole new chapter? I may never know. All I can suggest for you in this situation is if you feel as I feel, I would reach out once more. I mean who knows maybe this feeling never goes away? But I say try beacsue at least at that point you can say you've done everything in your power to mend things. Heal if you will within yourself. I wish you all the best


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  • Everyone heals in their own time. Usually they say that it takes about half of the time of the relationship to get over someone, but this is coming from someone who isn't over an ex after 5 years, a relationship that lasted 2 years and trying to rekindle things. On the other hand some people only take a few months after a long term relationship.

    Some people are more emotionally invested than others and it makes it hard to move on when this come to an abrupt end, but that's ok. There's no need to rush on to the next girl and there's no need to put pressure on yourself to get over it. You'll heal when you're good and ready. It's usually best not to get too involved with someone else if you still have another running through your mind, but what you do with your life is your choice. Happy healing and Hope this helps.


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