I'm fifteen and I barely know what flirting means I need major dating advice?

Okay so I'm 15 and a sophomore I've never gotten asked out or kissed nothing and I'm really shy around guys I never know what to talk about when were alone or when we're texting I don't have many guy friends either but the couple that I do have barely ever want to keep the convo going. I feel so pathetic and like I'm never going to find someone cause I never know what to talk about and always have to start the convo I don't want to be with out a boyfriend forever like please.. Any tips? And please don't say just be yourself cause I don't know how the real me is super quiet and that doesn't make friends or romantic interests


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  • The reason ThisDudeHere knew that is because everyone feels the same way. We wear masks to fit in and our personalities naturally change from social setting to social setting. Here's what you talk about with guys, THEM! Ask questions, don't judge the answers. In improv comedy we have a rule. it is called :"YES, and..." what ever someone says to you, acknowledge it as having worth even if you don't agree, then add something specific to the conversation.
    Like this:
    You-Got any plans this weekend?
    Him-might go fishing with my brother.
    you-that sounds fun.(this is the "yes" part) My dad is always trying to get me to go with him. (this is the "and..." part where you add a specific detail.
    This is an oversimplification, and you can look up Improv techniques or take a class. It really helps you come out of your shell and make you at ease in social situations!


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  • The real you is not 'super quiet'. The real 'you' just never comes out. I will still say be yourself but be the 'you' that you would want to present to other people, not the 'you' that you're afraid people won't like.

    • Tbh.. Like.. That's so true.. I don't know how yougot that but like I'm really scscared of judgement.. Like you said and most of the time when I pretend to be loud and preppy like other girls they just think I'm weird I dont really know how to be myself anymore

    • Well you don't necessarily have to be around those particular girls. Grow your confidence by yourself and eventually you will stop giving a damn about them.

  • Talk about anything; whatever is in your mind at the moment.


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  • What is the question exactly? What are you trying to ask us?

    • I don't really know how to act or talk or flirt with guys like.. Everyone texts their guy friends and hangs out with them but whenever I'm alone with a guy I blank and don't know what to say