Is he trying to tell me he doesn't like me or he cheating? Opinions please?

Well my boyfriend said he has to work all day everyday this summer and he has a youtube channel and he posten a vid of him riding his 3 wheeler and it was posted 4 hours ago (11 AM) and he didn't tell me that he didn't have to work today he message me at 2 AM this morning and and said he couldnt sleep so he would stay up. He said he gets home 7-10 PM and he hasn't message me for about a week and he doesn't talk to me during the day and now i feel like I've been forgotten im not telling u his age but he's older then 13 and younger then 18 and he does say that he feels depressed if that helps with anything...


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  • If you are 29 and dating a 14-17 year old boy, you are kinda screwed up and I hope that he gets the hell away from you before something bad happens.

  • If he's depressed, then please let him know that you are there for him and will listen to what he has to say
    Men aren't made of stone, they need support to, someone to talk to

  • he is growing away from you.


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