Is she cautious or not I intereste? She just got out of a relationship?

So I have liked this girl for about a month now. We knew eachother but she would just say hi to me. She then started approaching me and sifting by me to talk. She took my phone and made me add her on snapchat. We are always teasing eachother and I can make her laugh. I said lets hangout when I get back from vacation and she told me "for sure! I don't know my schedule because my parents came from California to see me." She does only get to see them like once or twice a year. She is 20 and I'm 22 so both of us are young. We have hung out we before and she knows I like her. She also always responds to my texts and not just one word. She makes an effort. I'm just confused if since she recently got out of a relationship it has anything to do with it?


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  • Those look like good signs to me. Some people can take weeks/ a month to move on from someone. Others months and probably years.

    She doesn't sound like she is an emotional train wreck. She enjoys how you two tease and laugh at each other. She must find it attractive that you guys do, and that is probably what is making her interested in you.

    • What should I do then? It's been hard to get her to hangout. She is a very busy person and a social one at that. She hangs out with a lot of people. Most people would say give up at this point so I just don't know.

    • You got to pull her out from her busy schedule. I think making a hang out day with her 2 weeks in advance. So literally take her phone (like she did with yours when she told you to add her on snapchat) and make a reminder in her calendar for 2 weeks in advance to hang out with you.


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  • I'd say she's really interested. She sounds like a nice girl, too! Just try to keep the good relationship between the two of you. Best of luck!


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  • No dude keep workin it she will be urs soon