So girl introduced me to her friend then got jealous when I became interested in her?

i ran into one of my female friends who is supposedly seeing someone else at a nightclub last night , she was with some girls i didn't know before , one in the group is also from same town as me and lives not far away from me and is also single. she introuduced me to that girl and pointed that out but we didn't really click at that


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  • she must be into you...
    maybe she thought you were into her too and when you showed interest in someone else it through her off.


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  • What's the question? She was probably introducing you to her friend because she wanted her friend to meet the guy she was into.

    • sorry it got deleted for some reason my additional details to question , guess question was why did she introuduce me to friend then seem to later on think it wasn't a good idea and seem uncomfortable with it?

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