Flirting with girls on FB while in a relationship?

I've been together with my boyfriend for a little over a year now, and he is a VERY social guy. He is super female friendly and that sometimes bothers me. We've had a lot of arguments about that but we always talk it out/compromise somehow. So, a couple of weeks ago he met up with some friends and this girl from his undergrad was there as well. He added her on fb and started to talk to her and he even told her to give him a call, and then gave her his number... (I know all of this because i saw a notfication pop up and got curious... Yeah, you know what happened next..). I'm quite inexperienced in relationships, so I don't know what to do? Is this normal?


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  • I think it's in very poor taste and would like to know what he'd think if it were reversed

  • Don't approach him in an aggressive manner just ask him what's up with that situation. you could be overreacting

    • He told me before about this girl and that he wanted to help her get a job in his firm.. The way they were chatting was just really flirtatious in my eyes though

    • Have you talked to her and found out her motives that could be helpful

  • No, this is altogether inappropriate. I would never do any of these things if I had a girlfriend!


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