How do I tell if a girl is out of my league?

So people say "there is no such thing as out of ones league" but this is not about being inspirational and uplifting, this is about the harsh truth... real live is not Hollywood and there are people who are out of your league (in the positive and negative way).

how do you correctly approximate if a girl is too beautiful to ever be interested in you?


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  • well hollywood is sorta right but not in the way it shows

    1. if you were rich you could get models
    2. the way you meet a girl and get to know her is like 85% of what makes a girl like you not any of that other crap
    3. if the girl has serious emotional issues you could also get her if you know how to use them to your advantage

    • so what do you mean by "the way you meet a girl" ?

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    • yeah i´m not making myself miserable XD i know what qualities i have but it´s still more like "meh" than "yeah i love myself for being this way".

    • well that meh is making you either unhappy or insecure so deal with it


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  • look at the typical girl who likes you and wants to date you. if she looks way better than the girls who usually want to date you then she's probably out of your league. or look at the guys she usually dates, if those guys look way better than you then she's out of your league

    • this rule sounds clever but doesn´t help me since girls don´t "want" do date me xD

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  • Just compare facial attractiveness of you and her

    • that´s not so easy in my opinion... i mean i could tell if a guy is better looking than me but not a girl.

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    • i think you got a point there :/

    • Wealth is the biggest thing followed by attractiveness. Male and female attractiveness are hard to rate I agree...

  • Don't tell that to yourself, that is nonsense
    Go to the mirror... and say "She's not out of my league. I approach her with my confidence head on and see what happens"

    Also slap your self before telling yourself that, because you shouldn't think negatively like that

    • i can´t help it... because i know that i feel the same way about girls xD i can´t expect them not to feel this way about me.

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    • no i really have no problem talking to girls or something. two of my best friends are girls... girls i am interested in only want me as a friend xD only girls i am not attracted to at all sometimes catch feelings for me.

    • Oh that can sure be annoying, I feel uncomfortable af

      Anyway, confidence, respectful, being able to hold the conversation
      talk to them like they're your two girl friends

  • The problem is thinking you have a league in the first place.

    • well it´s not like a solid category but it sure is a range and i will never have a chance outside of my range (ignoring very rare exceptions with low self esteem girls for example)