Why would a guy send naughty text messages, then stop and not reply?

I guy that I met, and was interested in, started sending me regular text messages. We'd go a few days in between and then things got a bit more regular. Then he started sending "naughty" texts - which wasn't a problem - but things got a bit graphic (by both of us) and then he stopped texting. Haven't heard from him in 5 days. What's going on?

We don't live near each other and he wanted to meet up and that's when the texting got dirty...we were talking about what we wanted to do to each other.


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  • Well, try calling him instead of texting, or wait until he responds. Maybe he lost his phone or something happened to a family member. Just don't jump to conclusions and time will tell.


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  • He probably was horny and want to do some dirty talk with you to get off... Maybe he'll call you in a few days..if not...move on