My "girlfriend" wants to be friends while she gets over her ex, do I remain a friend, or no?

Me and this girl dated in the past and broke up. We haven't talked to each other for about two years and then she randomly hit me up asking how I was doing and all. She breaks up with her ex and I was there for her. Then we kinda seen each other a few times after that and I told her we couldn't see each other anymore because I was feeling like a temporary fix to her problems. So 2 weeks after that she hit me up saying she misses me and needed me in her life. So we decided to date. We've dated for about 2 months and then finally she said she still isn't over her ex. She said that she is falling more and more in love with me the more time we spend together but, she can never fully be committed to me yet due to her strong feeling for her ex still. So she proposed that we just stay really good friends till she gets over him hopefully one day. She's also starting college (no where far away) in about a month so I'm a little concerned about just "being a friend" (everyone knows the friend zone is bad) I mean I love this girl a lot, and I'm afraid to loose her for good, so I told her I'd wait until she can get over her ex. So I chose to be friends... My question is, is this a mistake, or do you think she'll eventually get over her ex and pursue a serious relationship with me?


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  • do not wait around for this girl.. dont be lame. is this girl that much better than you that you'll wait on standby until she gets over another guy which may or may not happen? if her ex called her tomorrow she would diss the shit out of you for him. you need a girl who likes you RIGHT NOW and wants to be with you, dont be waiting around for her. you teach people how to treat you and if you wait around as a friend you are teaching her that you are lower than her and have no other options


What Guys Said 1

  • big mistake tell her to either date you or go away otherwise she'll play you and she'll eventually say how she fucked some frat guy