What are all the bad things aboug being a hopeless romantic guy?

Like especially if there's no chance the girl would ever feel the same way?


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  • The fact that it is not realistic.


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  • too long to list
    But the biggest one is heartbreak... we have broken hearts that get crushed into smaller and smaller pieces until we grow resentful and angry, but withhold and continue to search for love, only one day to finally explode and become whole again and realize romantics and chivalry are dead

    and our time would be better spent developing a skill or hobby, or simply obtaining material wealth and treating women as objects, filling the void of our passionless hearts with useless possessions until the hole grows so big that we... i haven't gotten there yet i will let you know

    • Yeah it just seems girl like to step on guys hearts just to seem them hurt

  • The "hopeless" part is probably the bad part...