She called me tonight & told me her boss made her cry, am I in the friend zone?

I've been talking to this girl on and off for the past six months, we got close to being in a relationship but I got called off because of timing, things moving a bit too fast

Long story short we started talking again, I went to visit her at work tonight ( I had to bring her a thank you card for remembering something that was really important to me ) we chatted for a little bit I told her that I missed her and she said she did too and then I left.

About two hours later she called me and vented to me about how her boss took her to the back room yelled at her and made her cry... I wasn't quite sure what to say I simply listened to everything that she said... Is it a good sign that she likes me considering that she called me to tell me about what had happened? She seemed real upset about it... I want to date this girl again but I'm worried I might end up in the friend zone


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  • I think it is a good sign...

    But, there was once when I talked to a best guy friend like that. That was mostly because I was not as free with anyone else.

    But ignore my experience as I am a bit different

    I think it is a positive sign

    So, smile :)


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  • Kiss her? That usually does it as long as the mod is right.


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  • No you're doing fine man. It doesn't seem like she sees you as just a friend. Just try to keep things slow since that was the problem last time

  • Bro, stop believing in the "friend zone". It doesn't exist. You're either friends with her or in love with her. If she likes you enough to tell you her problems bro, then you're good.