Girls, My ex and I dated for 4 years she left me (no cheating or nothing ) just grass greener syndrome.. anyway recently she been sending me?

Texts like miss you or sending me like heartbreak quotes.. she has a boyfriend and we haven't texted eachother in 6 months until she hit me up sating miss you. We work together so I see her daily at first she was happy with her new relationship but why is she now making sure she tells me that her boyfriend an asshole and that she's at her boiling point not gonna last with him she always mentions how terrible is going... is she doing that to try and play mind games thinking ima go to her and tell let's try and get back together?


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  • She says they won't last long BUT she is still with him. She realized that she made a mistake by leaving you for someone else and wants you to drop whatever you're doing for the chance to be with her again. Don't do it to yourself. If she left once she will leave again.

    • Yes that's true I'm not going back though.
      The other day I went out on a date and I had taken a pic of the girl I was with so I posted it was a nice dinner. My ex then Likes my pic on instagram which she almost never does the pic was of the girl I was with. I dont know what was the meaning of liking it when I know she really didn't

  • Sounds like she's trying to get back with you. I can't stand such people... when they are in trouble is when they act nicely.