Guys, what would you think if you received this text?

"Hey... I'm sorry to bother you. I get the vibe you'd rather not talk and that's fine. I just realized why you said what you said on the phone the other night... someone talked to you about what was said while on vacation, or you wouldn't have said some of the things that you did. I guess it just really bothers me that my friends meddled in my personal business, but it was my fault for answering them when they kept asking what you were doing and if I had talked to you. I just feel weird now... I don't know. I hope I can set the record straight and I hope you're doing good."

I feel like my friends are partly due to why he hasn't contacted me in 4 days because they told him I thought he had disappeared, but he still tried to contact me when they did. I honestly just want to make sure he knows what really went on with our friends. Is this too pushy, or just kinda laying it out there and getting to the point? I'm afraid he won't respond. 😔

They told him I thought he disappeared and it makes me upset that they meddled and just didn't leave things along. I'm afraid he thinks I'm crazy now. 😔


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  • I got to the first sentence and would have deleted that shit. Don't bother me if you're sorry to bother me.

    • You sound like a wonderfully splendid person.

    • he has a point though: cutting off the useless drama before it grows

    • It's not drama... he hasn't contacted me for 4 days... I feel like I might be bothering him.

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  • Just message him and lay it all out there. Beating around the bush or just dropping hints just don't cut it

  • What the fuck is this? High school drama? One of you has to act like the adult here. I suggest you do it first

    • I'm trying to act like the adult by communicating about it...

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    • I agree. I just didn't want to go into deep detail via text because I feel like it's something you need to discuss via phone call. That's what I was hoping for.

    • well, just remember, the phone works both ways.

  • Don't text. Say it to him

    • I wish I could... this is the best I can do for right now.

  • If he's sincere he will respond if you ask in a sincere manner explaining to him why your even asking

  • i'd laugh... then take an hour or 2 to respond back.