How to message/text a guy to show im interested when im really bad at stuff like that?

how often would you like a girl you had gone on a date with to text you? I went on a date with this guy on staurday and i had a great time, and the next day he messaged me twice.

But i hate messaging people i don know in person, because i always find it awkward because i never really know what to say and on top of that he's polish and only speaks English and im norwegian and speaks English , aka a small language barrier.

I want to show im interested, but its just so uncofortable for me to message a guy i barely know.. so what do i do? i dont want him to think im not taht interessted in him..


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  • Naturally with anyone, I only text someone if I have something useful, funny or important to say. If you have nothing useful, funny or important to say, why would you text someone?

    Don't play games. Ask him out. Tell him you like him.

    • good point.. but i was refering to asking about his day etc.. just to show im interested i guess, or i dont know if guys even think about stuff like that.. do guys think about things like that?

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    • i dont see how this is playing games if i honestly care about what he did that day.. anyway, maybe its just me, but messsaging a guy after one date and telling him i want to date him seems a bit too forward in my opinion.. i would get how it might be "normal" to do it on date nr.2 or nr.3 when feelings actually have started.. but then again.. im not a guy...

    • I think I misunderstood a lot of things that actually the scenario. The truth is that he probably likes you a lot. If you respond to his texts positively, he will take this as a good sign and believe you are inviting him to talk to text you more. If you feel that uncomfortable then don't respond.


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  • "I am interested in dating you."

  • just text him and say hi and go from there and be honest.


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  • At least once or twice a day.