Guys, What did you guys learn from past relationships?

I learned not to take anything she says too seriosly and just listen to her.

Do not be afraid to put your foot down if you see that she is taking you for granted.

It's not always fun and rainbows, sometimes it can be boring or really tense.

There will be always problems but you have to solve them without damaging the relationship.

You have to be comfortable with the thought that it won't last forever.

Do not give up your hobbies and things like that.

If you are tired, stressed or in a bad emotional state it is better to avoid anything serious until you recover yourself.

Sex with a crazy person is not worth it in the long run.

If they act crazy and say they are crazy, they actually might be crazy.


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  • 1-Communication is key
    2-Don't build a relationship based of sex
    3-See the red flags early and listen to them no matter how bad you may want a girl
    4-Don't commit too early
    5-Don't show yourself too early (emotions)
    6-Stay mysterious
    7-Genuinely care for the other person
    8-Life is too short , so if you feel that perhaps it is going no where end it sooner rather then later on a positive note
    9-Don't try to change too much because at the end of the day it's probably not enough
    10-Don't be bitter at the other person
    11-Don't beg for love or affection
    12-Give her time to reveal who she really is because early on if she believes your a really good catch and she's very very interested she will literally do/say anything early on to get you hooked.
    13- Give her time and space if she requests it... just be cool


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  • It's okay to trust your guy and when you put people on the spot they most likely will try and guilt trip you. Be honest even if they aren't. Stick up for yourself and deal with the consequences. Just cause you wouldn't cheat on her doesn't mean she wouldn't cheat on you. Life goes on and it doesn't matter if your feelings are hurt keep moving forward

  • I learned to listen to my gut and to just end it when its no longer fun. There is no reason she should diminish the quality of my life.

  • I learned to get over someone and to take risks when meeting a girl. If you learn to get over someone, meeting girls is easier. I mean I've only been on a few dates to get to know someone better but the same lessons apply

  • Take a few months 6- 9 months to date first especially before sex or living together,
    For example.. A couple fall in love or high level of infatuation , they move in together and accidentally get pregnant and then later discover they really didn't love each other enough for the long hull

  • I learned I have to be more selfish, if she doesn't like it so be it

    Be honest and upfront about what I think, to avoid any misunderstanding later on

    No more mr. nice guy, I won't apologize for everything

  • I learned that... not much. Nothing at all.

  • Damn I have learns a lot! Like not to rush things, when's the perfect time to get physical, how to read her body language, etc... These are all things you learn from experience

  • I learned one night stands are way more fun