I really want to date, but have no idea where to meet guys at all?

where the hell do you meet people, or more spesific guys?

In the past i was just shy and didn't really wanted to make any effort in actually getting to know people. But atm i just want to meet new people and hopefully meet guys to do date.

Im currently on a dating app, but the only luck i had on that was with one guy i really liked (but guessing he wasn't that into me) and another guy im going out with this week... But with my luck thats not going to work out either.

i go to the gym, but the gym i go to is a more expesive and smaller gym and its pretty much only older people there (35 +). So not the most ideal place to meet guys.. I work too, but the people i work with are way older then me + almost all of them are women...

So i actually have no idea where to meet people.. i wanted to sing up for kick boxing, but ofc they have "summer vacation".. so i dont know what to do or where to even being.. help!


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  • Try going to places specifically designed for singles.

    • what places are "designed for singles"? i dont think i have come acrossed any places where its designed for singles...

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    • well we live in completely different continets and i dont know if its common in the US, but i have never heard about bars like that.. i whish me had them.. but we sadly dont :/

    • "well we live in completely different continets"

      I figured that out a long, long time ago. I don't know where you live and have decided I no longer give a fuck. Goodday.


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  • d00d, literally just walk out your damn front door and start scanning for male specimens you deem attractive then approach and start a fucking conversation by introducing yourself.

    • apparantly thats quite normal in the US... but where i live thats not common at all.. the only times i have heard people doing this are when they are drunk... they are deff going to think im a weirdo if i do so...

    • the social life where you live can't be too different. just go out into the night life.

  • Where the hell do you live where these things aren't acceptable? The only thing I know is there are 3 barriers to me having a girlfriend - 1) I hardly go anywhere, 2) I have a fear of rejection, 3) I'm not interesting and not good at conversations.

  • from your response it would seem as though you are fit which makes your job the easiest in the world

    set one dress up
    set two go downtown
    step three stand in a bar (if under 21 a club)
    step four choose

    you're a girl finding a guy is the easiest thing in the world but since you're a woman finding the "right" guy is hard

  • Since people are naming places here I'll give you another option

    dating sites

    But honestly, guys are everywhere. it's not like we're a rare species

  • Do you live near a city or large town?

  • Just a advice dont go for tinder duhh

  • Go to bars, clubs, the mall, the bookstore, the cafe.

    • but those guys (from bars and clubs) normally only want sex :/ i haven't tried bookstores or cafes yet

    • I live close to a park and a mall so a lot of girls and guys here

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