Girls, what is it about me that is the reason I'm still single?

So I was talking to a few friends on a group chat and this came up. We were talking about dating and everyone wanted to know why I was single, but I can pair up good relationships? I'm not trying to sound all professional or anything, but I have paired up a few friends and a good three relationships are still very strong. The rest prefer to stay as friends, so I count that as a good attempt at the least. But am I undateable or something?

Like I'm polite and a gentleman. I was raised old-fashioned, so I like to get the door, help with groceries, I say sir and ma'am (actually get nervous when I don't), and I LOVE to pay for dates when I actually go out. I like talking and getting to know her first though, like getting close and building a friendship at least. I am told I have good taste in girls, both with looks and personality, and I am very social and get along with almost everyone, from the nerdy anti-social kids to the popular ones everyone knows. I work out, I write stories and poems, I can talk to a girl, watch "chick flicks", and provide that shoulder to cry on if need be. I can be shy around girls though, so it that it? I can also be one unemotional asshole, I truly can. I usually wear a blank/unapproachable facial expression when walking down the street and tend to mind my business. I can also be an overly blunt person. I get some things shouldn't be said, but if you ask for MY opinion about something that can be very true and negative about yourself, you're asking to possibly be hurt. I'll flat out say, "You think you're a bitch? You are. That shit is why people get annoyed with you." (<- is what I told a girl who was going around asking her friends why and eventually came to me). I mean, being blunt is a shit ton better than lying to someone about them in their face. I also still got the Chicago attitude, so I take some things defensively by accident very quickly.

So is my occassional rudeness why I am still single or something else


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  • I see several possibilities, and it might be a combo.

    First of all, you don't say anything about whether or not you ask girls out. You HAVE to ask girls out, regardless of anything else you say or do.

    Second, if you're 18, you're not that old. A lot of people reach that age without having ever dated anyone or are single at that age. The "why are you still single" question is one people are "supposed" to ask you 10 years from now.

    Third, you think things are positive attributes that aren't necessarily. A LOT of the stuff you list is not exactly appreciated in a boyfriend, especially not among today's young girls. You are the type that is more likely to get friendzoned. You do not need to be a shoulder to cry on or watch chick flicks with, especially if you're not dating the girl yet. She's going to feel like there's no difference between you and her girl friends. Once you're dating, it's good to listen to her when she's upset and SOMETIMES watch a chick flick if she really wants to. When you like a girl, you don't need to spend all this time being her friend and being manner-ly--you need to ask her out and show her you like her.

    Fourth, you have one of the worst traits a guy can have, and that's being brutally honest. Honesty is fine, but it's the way you say what you say when it comes to women. You can get away with brutal honesty with guys but not women. And even then, there are still things no girl wants to hear. And honestly, a lot of women really can't even just handle truth.

    • So I'm just friend material basically?

    • I'd have to agree with this person. I would want my guy to be honest but if you're going to be brutal about it you'll need to look elsewhere because it's true most girls can't take the hardcore truth. Other than that I think all your other traits are perfectly fine you just haven't found the girl that will appreciate it yet and that's because you're 18 years old. I'm 17 and I'm just starting to realize that being with a guy for his personality is much more important than their looks because if you don't go for the nice guys you'll just end up in a cycle of hurt.


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  • You look like a 14 year old.

    • Runs in the family and I like it sometimes. Other times I get pissed.

  • I have been single 4 years do not know why I still am

  • you just haven't found the right person. you sound like a wonderful and decent person, so don't go changing! you won't be single forever, i promise, there is someone for you