I asked a shy guy out, how do I make the perfect date?

I asked out a really shy guy that I've been crushin on since I first saw him. He's kinda awkward, so I'm not realy sure what we should talk about. He's coming over to my place, I was thinking we could watch a movie or something like that. Nothing big, but I need suggestions. Please Exuse my English


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  • You should try to ease the tension a bit by making sure he feels comfortable about the situation. Maybe that will help him open up a bit. I mean like cuddling or laughing even tho you don´t really think it´s funny i think laughing can ease the tension quite a bit. Also be patience but not to the point were he won´t say anything to you. Hope this was of any help.


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  • yeah a movie\s a good idea in my opinion... and if he's shy better take things slow :)

  • If he is shy you have to make your move first a good romantic dinner or a good movie would do the trick

  • How do you know he is even romantically interested in you? That he did not accept so as not to make you feel badly? This is one of the big problems when girls try and take things into their own hands.

    • I would't have asked him out if I hadn't thought he was romantically interested in me. I dont go asking random people out without a reason...

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    • Oh no don't worry about that, I mean you're right anyway and you probably know more so.. Yeah. Thanks! :)

    • Oh, cool!

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  • Perhaps a pizza buffet or the beach. Basically somewhere spacious that can lead to other activities.