Girls, key features and quality's in a man?

for women 25+ if you don't mind, what are your interests and key quality's you look for in a man?
as well this may be a question for a few of you lol , when matched on tinder what kind of responce are you looking for in a first impression aside from hey, hi or hello :)


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  • I'm not a tinder user, but having received enough of the weird hookup messages from random people, I can tell you that when someone sends me a message that's just "hey" or "hi" I immediately lose interest. You have an entire keyboard and it includes punctuation and a spacebar. You can do better than that.
    First, I look for someone able to hold an intelligent conversation. This doesn't mean they need an IQ of 140, but I prefer to date people with a higher level of education, so I have more I can talk about with them and not have to explain everything, or people who at least educate themselves.
    A sense of humor is good, but going overboard is not. A couple jokes and a few laughs are fine, but too many jokes and puns gets annoying.
    Variety of knowledge, because recycled conversations get old fast.
    Ability to be responsible (with jobs, money, any substance use, etc). Some people are less into this if they're not looking to date someone seriously, but for me it's for anyone I date.

    • great response!!! thank you :)


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  • I want a guy who is like Harvey Specter at work, like uncle jesse at home and like Jax Teller in bed. Is that too much to ask?

    And yes I watch a lot of TV

    • lol awesome thank you :)

  • say something funny, humor is the best

    • thank you very much :)

  • Confidence