Am I the only girl available to this guy?

I met a guy online, who I exchanged numbers with the next day. He texts me everyday after that and its been 1.5 months. We've met up twice but, meeting up after that hasn't worked out because either one of us has been busy. He hasn't had a girlfriend before and doesn't seem to have many options. How can I know if he just likes me because I'm available to him or he actually likes me. I'm terrified of getting too close romantically to someone so its hard for me to say.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Soooo ummmm you like him but you don't like him because other girls don't like him *ouch my head hurts*

    • That's honestly how most women's minds work. That's why you don't show too much interest too fast

What Girls Said 1

  • you never really know