Is it ok for me to be protective?

I have been talking to this girl for a little while we have been out a few times and talk on a daily bases were not labels but I think we are geting there any way she recently met a girl who ik and wants to hang out with this girl I haven't said any thing to her because I don't want to sound controling or lead her to think I am so I haven't said anything to her but this new friend of hers is bad news. Is it wrong that I feel like being protective of her and with out overstepping my position?


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  • If this other girl is bad news and may be trouble for the girl you like, she has every right to know. I would tell her and I wish I had been warned before I wasted time on certain people.

  • You should feel protective. If you feel there is something wrong with this other girl you need to tell the girl you like. That way you won't be keeping secrets and you can block yourself from any future pain if she chooses to ignore you. I think you should try to overstep your "position", not too much, but to let her know how you feel and think about this.


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