They guy I like is popular. Do I have any chance with him?

So I'm really nerdy. I've liked this guy for a really long time. And I know that it's cliche for the nerd to like the popular guy but whatever. Anyways me and him aren't friends exactly but he knows I exist. We share a lot of classes and interests. We have the same calculator in different colors and he said we should switchthe cases of our calculators. Which led to months later we both had our calculators out and he was staring at my calculator and I was looking at his and we made eye contact and smiled. It was kinda like we had a little moment. And we talk sometimes so we know each other kind of. He's really funny and super nice. And pretty much if I described my perfect guy he would be it. The only problem is he's popular and I doubt he would want to go out with me. The weird thing is he is a nerd too. He is super smart. He likes books and science and stuff. But I prefer to dress rather outgoing so that might be why I'm not popular. Also I'm incredibly shy at first. So I know that's like a ton of random junk but I just wanted to know if I have any chance with him.


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  • Duuuuh. Of course you have a chance with him. He already likes you. He's probably asking the same thing -- she's so smart. Do you think I have a chance with her?


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  • You do have a chance with him, but you have to overcome your shyness.