When someone's messages first and then stops replying?

People seem to get so upset about this.
I've been guilty of it myself accidentally, and I guess it's annoying when it's happened to me.
But why do people get so upset and think into it so much?


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  • I guess cos it is kinda rude. I mean if a girl or guy doesn't reply back fairly promptly or without acknowledging their tardy reply, then it means they lack manners. Would you like to be left hanging?

    I mean if a girl or guy doesn't reply for say a few days and then acts like it's normal, it seems like they only reply when they're bored and take the other person for granted.

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  • I do that shit all the time. the receiving end gets over it eventually lol. cause they're sensitive as fuck.

  • Because text messaging doesn't work the same way as normal human interaction. The way people are emotionally wired, a conversation is supposed to last from start to end without long or indefinite pauses. Stopping the conversation without ending it causes the brain to react as if someone walked away mid-conversation while you were talking. If you stop texting permanently without actually ending the conversation, it causes a mild abandonment response in the brain.


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