Men second date attire?

The men I like usually just show up as is from work which is fine but as a woman it can take my over an hour to dress for a date.

I have have expensive tight jeans which seem to be a hit. But because it is summer and got I stay away from jeans. I have supper cute knee level skirts with pleats at the top but I get the feeling men don't like these because they can't see my form.

Men are knee length skirts ever sexy? Should I just rock the jeans? I did the shorts and wedge thing last time to show off my amazing legs. Repeated are boring. Thoughts?

Great not grate


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  • I always think women look hot in skirts and dresses but REAL ones. Culottes and Gauchos don't count.

    And wandering what's underneath can be just as sexy as seeing.

    • Thanks for the MHO! Good luck with your second date.

    • thanks it went well he's amazing. We kissed under an umbrella with me in a sexy silk skirt. I'm seeing him again this weekend. I hate to like a guy this much but is t that what it's all about?

      thanks for the advice and wish us luck. He truly is a grate guy that deserves a good woman even if it isn't me.

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  • Skirts can be very sexy

  • Knee lenght skirt can be sexy if it is closrly fitting.

    • Yeah so hugging the bum? I have a sexy skirt like that but it is silk which is out of season. Actually I feel like silk is never in season. It is meant for winter but could as fuck!

    • Silk is great to my opinion. It shows the shape of the bum better.

  • Conceited much? Anyway, yeah, I don't know why he wouldn't like you in your skirt, he must be crazy. by the way, women have more options, and care much more about fashion than men do. That's why it's relatively easy for us to get ready. Besides, we really don't care how long you take, as long as you plan it out accordingly, because, you will always look great no matter how long you take

    • I run and do lots of yoga so I feel I've earned the right to be proud of my legs. Most women have such bad body images of themselves they can't find one thing to like. My legs are my one thing. I've come a long way to find that one thing.

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  • Go for the knee length skirt.