Is District 9 a proper first movie date?

I wanted to get the number of this girl and ask her to see District 9 with me at my college. I've already seen it and it's obviously really violent. Just not sure if this is the best movie to see with her, or should I just wait on seeing a movie with her. It's a free showing on campus, so I was hoping she would approve. What do you girls think?


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  • Not dude that movie was nasty. And don't take girls to dates, they are going to make you wait longer for sex, just hang out.

    • 'Cause that's obviously it's all about sex. Clearly the most important thing when you're looking for a relationship, is getting ass fast.

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    • Starling is right how are any females supposed to look at guys if we keep making a horrible impression personally I recommend asking what type of movie she likes because she may not like her having to do all the choosing but then again I could be wrong ask her if she wants to pick.

    • It's not about trying to impress the girl, it's about experssing yourself so she knows you for who you are and not for what she wants you to be. Plus girls hate undesicive men, they want us to make the choices for them, they don't want us to put that pressure on them, that's why we are men. So go to a movie you want to go so she knows what you are about.

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  • It's a violent action movie about aliens and apartheid. If she's the type of girl that would be interested in that sort of thing, then go ahead and take her, but I don't think most girls would really like to see it on a date.


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  • Not really. I mean if she's a geek, go for it. But I think you should pick something more romantic.