Is 60 miles too far to start a relationship?

Alrights, to start out, I'm 24 and never been in a relationship, I have been talking with a guy I met online for about a week, but he lives 60 miles away and the thought of having to drive all the way over there to meet a guy makes the date already seem crappy.

I can see the relationship working out if it was already established before the large commute, but there is only so much you can talk about via text when I work long hours.


Oh and if I should end it, any tips on how to tell him?


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  • For me it is. Long distance is hard.


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  • I've driven 55 miles in less than an hour to see someone so I honestly don't think 60 miles is that bad. I think having one date to figure out if he's really worth it would be interesting. If it calls for a second date, have him drive over next time. Good luck!

  • i mean personally i think that you should see someone close. To drive 60 miles to see him is a little far, and he should be driving to see you ;) (lol). Seriously. you should see how it works first, and what you want out it. Do not be the only making the effort. I don't know ( i hope this helped)