My ex is so confusing help?

So we hadn't talking in like three months since we broke up. And today out of no where he snap chats me. We said hey and what's up... But the he sends me one that asked for nudes, and I was like hell no... And then he was like okay my friend wanted them. And I asked him who and he wouldn't be specific... It's so sketchy like wtf. And since he broke up with me he pretty much stalked me ever since.


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  • Run for the hills! If he really liked you, he would never contact you out of the blue and be all dodgy! Truth be known, he probably did have a mate with him and wanted a nude pic to show... just to say... yeah, been there done that. He is not your mr right.

    • I don't know I was so happy tho when he texted me... So you think he actually had a friend or maybe made it a up


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  • Guys suck after a break up. The pictures were for him.

    • Yea I just that it was weird like why especially since he broke up with me

  • Stalking is controlling behaviour.

    Keep away from him