Im not sure if she is what I want?

We have been talking for months, been on dates kissed. We have litterly everything in common. My past relationship involved me caring way more than my ex cared about me, and I got taken advantage of. I can't tell if it is going to be the same way with her or not because right now she is super guarded because of her past and I am putting in more effort than she is. I am searching my heart and come up conflicted. What would you do If you were me?


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  • you are both scared for your past to reoccur and that's probably why she's holding back

    • That is also what I am considering. And I am trying to fight my fear, but there is no way of me knowing if she can even be what I need without investing more and more into this. I just feel so conflicted =/

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  • how much more effort are you putting in than her?

    • I initiate most of the texts. I plan out most of out gatherings. She is a very indecisive person and a poor communicator. So none of this is abnormal, I think she likes it when a guy takes charge and I do too. But I would like to see her be spontaneous or do something that makes me feel thought of more. I don't know, since she isn't my girlfriend yet I try to not get too upset over it. But i do take it into consideration.