I'm 17, I like an older guy?

So, I live as an adult, emancipated, graduated, and on my own on the other side of the country from any of my family. In other words, I live as an adult. But I'm actually 17.

There's this guy I know, who's in his mid-twenties. He lives with my best friend, and another one of my friends. The other night we were at our friend's birthday party together. Before then, we'd never really talked on a level, just casual friend talk. But this particular night we just ended up sitting on the roof, just the two of us. We smoked and just talked and talked.

Anyhow, we found out we're super similar. We're both out here for our acting, we're both spiritual, we both identify as pansexual, and we were both born on the 26th of January.

And we talked about our pasts, and we just really clicked. A while later, he confessed he'd been battling himself all night on whether or not it was okay to find me attractive because of my age. But then he said he did find me attractive. And then he apologized, but we kept hanging out and just talking.

Anyhow, before his confession, I didn't really have feelings for him. But after bonding with him, and him confessing to be attracted to me, I really just developed this sort of crush. Like suddenly I'm attracted to him too, and I'm thinking about him a lot. I think a relationship with him would be really great. But what if I'm missing out on an excellent relationship just because I'm 6 months too young right now?

Are there any guys out there 21-27 who are dating a 17 year old?


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  • Most guys are older than 17.


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  • I'm 21 and I wouldn't simply because guys can get screwed hardcore by the law for getting involved with a minor.


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  • hmmm I think that pretty normal most girls like older guys because they seem to have their shit together.