Girls, How to get a girl fall in love with you after apologizing?

There is girl i like in my college. We used to talk in the lab and sit together. I send her messages for 2 days (jokes, funny videos etc.) . But 3rd day i over-messaged her on whatsapp due to which she got irritated and said not to send messages and was not replying messages.
After that i apologize to her and now she is fine and talking to me, replying messages but not sitting with me.

So please tell how to get her back and fall in love with me.


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  • Sounds like you were quite annoying and a bit immature. It might take a while till that bad image of you has disappeared. It depends how bad it is how long that takes (I must say, if she really said to you you should back off, it's quite bad).
    Back off a bit and if you meet her ask more about her instead of making stupid jokes. She already knows you have a joking side, now show your more mature side and show interest in her as a person.


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  • You can't make someone fall in love with you, sorry. She sounds like she only wants to be friends with you and nothing else. I think you're barking up the wrong tree here by pursuing her.

  • You can't make her fall in love with you. She is not interested in being bombarded with messages by you.

    • I m not asking for pain.
      I am here for medicine :)

      Please suggest because i know she likes me when we used to talk.