Thoughs on dating a girlfriend of girl I had meet earlier and failed to date?

so basically i meet this girl at some point earlier and we've known each other for some time but never dated ourselves , although i might of expressed interest in the idea and liked her at some point. but for whatever reason we didn't date and more just friends.
at some point down the road another girl that she is close too becomes available and interested in me. so there is the chance to date her but she knows the other girl and still some left over feelings from that encounter but either way she is still interested and attracted to me. i'm just not sure how to go about potentially dating this girl? the friend of the original girl i wanted to date but couldn't?


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  • The situation could get tricky. Also, are you simply trying to date this girl because you know she likes you? If you're not as interested in her, and still have feelings for her friend (the original girl), I would reconsider this.

    • its more tricky than I mentioned , these 2 girls also work together and live together at family cottage of first girl I meet , so new girl is just a house guest. I've never actually been to this home so not exactly sure of there living arrangements but I overheard they live in same building and not sure how much privacy there is in it. but keep in mind I was more of a friend to first girl and never actually her boyfriend , so I'm not really sure how she'd react to this or how open she'd be to me coming over there to spend time with her friend?


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  • I don't see a problem. You aren't even exes. Have fun

  • Do you actually like the new girl?

    • she's not entirely new I meet her around same time as other girl but she was sort of off my radar at that time although I remember seeing her at work , her and first girl both worked together. anyways I have talked to her a couple times in last few weeks and felt she was being genuine and I do find her attractive , she is a nice girl