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So me and my girlfriend were together for 2yrs she has a little boy named Spencer that I took in as my own I played video games a lot but. made. sure. all the bills were taken care of I've done a lot that I'm not proud of and so has she we broke up a month ago she. moved into a friends house which is her brothers ex boyfriend that she broke up and I've caught her with a secret Facebook page just for him now she's living there and I don't know she says she want to work stuff out that she needs time but there's never time for me I've talked to her on the phone like 5Times should I stay or should I give up and move on


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  • I think you shouldn't pause your life for anyone, as much as you liked the life you had with her, you can't just stop your life because someone needs time. If they're not making time for you, the effort is going to get less and less, save yourself the heartbreak and trouble and attempt to move on. Even if you don't find someone right away, work on yourself, and bettering it, we all could use some improvement so take this time to focus on you.

  • you should say something.


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