She loves me but wants to stay solitary. Why?

There is a girl i like and she also likes me. I came to her city for 3 months but in initial month, i fell in love with her. She will do phd due to which she wants to remain solitary or single.
But i know she likes me but her education path makes her doubtful.
My 2 months are remaining and i know i can't get her.
and she also says me to try not include her in my personal life (WhatsApp message).

So what do i reply her in whatsapp message?
But how do i convince her without hurting her feelings? ( I am here for 2 and half months then i will leave her city)


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  • It sadly sounds to me like she is letting you down easy. The biggest giveaway is telling you not to include her in your personal life.

    I don't buy "her education path makes her doubtful. " May make her a bit busy at times, but usually this is an excuse to avoid someone romantically.

    She may seem friendly, but I'm afraid it seems that is all she wants.


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  • It sounds to me like she doesn't want to become vulnerable, or doesn't want to take on a relationship when there's already so much going on. Sounds like she just wants to keep it light, no deeper connection coz she's scared of falling into it.

  • She's got her priorities straight, in my opinion. It would be worse to string someone along when you know that you don't have time for a relationship than it is to be honest with them from the beginning.

  • She's married to her field of study. You can text her, but don't expect anything more that friendship.


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  • Run away with her and get married ^^.