How to get back to the ex girlfriend who I left for another girl last year?

I did a huge mistake by leaving her for another girl. The other girl was a cheater who was in relationship in other guys and left me for another man.
Now I'm so sorry about what I did and want to get back to my ex but don't know how. Any idea?


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  • You most likely can't.

    • There should be a way.

    • You left her for someone else, believe me no girl wants to be the one you're with until someone 'better' comes along!

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  • You don't. You broke her trust in you and it will never be the same even if she took you back. Besides which she deserves some peace of mind. What you should do is apologize to her acknowledge your mistake and then leave her alone. Just learn from your mistake and don't make it again. If you realy care about her and not just yourself, then don't make any attempt at getting back with her.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Don't bother. You fucked up, and now you have to accept the consequences. You can't possibly like the girl that much, considering that you easily tossed her away for another. Don't contact her, she deserves better.

    • I did an stupid mistake I loved her and still love her just need a second chance to prove it to her.

    • You wouldn't have broken up with her FOR ANOTHER GIRL if you truly loved her. Stop lying to yourself man lol.

  • I don't think that's how it works.

    • I would do everything to be with her once again.

What Guys Said 2

  • I dont think you can as of right now its a long shot

    • I love her and I would accept any term from her or anything she wants just want to be with her once again.

  • Use your damn conscience the ex-girlfriend won't accept you anymore

    • But I love her and she knew it also she is single and was not in relationship since we broke up.

    • Well try to explain yourself otherwise I'm not sure