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Would this upset you my fiancé who lives with me had an emergency where he had to leave work early because he had horrid stomach pains he was rushed to the hospital. It turned out he needed his appendix out. The hospital called his mom before. me his own fiancé who lives with him. I was really upset I feel like when it comes to the man I'm spending the rest of my life with I should be notified first when it comes to emergencies. We live together for Christ's sake. Would you be upset if you were me?


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  • Maybe you're not down as his ICE1 on his phone or work papers.
    Tell him to put you down as it.

    • Yes I would be a little put out if she didn't have me down first.

    • Yeah that could be I mean out of everyone I know they have their long term sos down first but I guess I will have to tell him to put me down first.


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  • Depends, who is put down as his emergency contact? If he never changed it from her to you when you got engaged, then they're going to contact her first. It's just how it is.

  • yeah i would be...

    • Right. It notnlike a bad I have been dating 6 months this is a fiance. We live together. I made sure the hospital knew that I was upset that I wasn't notified first and they said the next time in the event of an emergency I would be notified first.