Girls always posting misleading pics on online dating sites? I'm fixing to only approach girls in real life?

I mean I hate to sound so shallow, and honestly if she is a little on the chubby side that's ok by me, but most of the time I'm finding they look a lot different than in their pictures. Maybe pictures even if they are good pictures are just not detailed enough? I don't know. I'm short and skinny and I put good pics up on my profile cause I don't want to mislead someone just like I wouldn't want to be misled either. What do you guys think? I'm just not really even excited anymore going on a date with a girl I meet online.


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  • part of the problem is girls can look different online than how they look in real life , ever seen a girl on facebook than seen her in real life and though she looked way different than you'd expect? I've had that happen before. and online dating girls sort of put up really good pics and not average pics of what they look on a normal day rather what they looked like at a wedding or Saturday night. so they are misleading pics a lot of the time


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  • people tend to try to advertise and fake if they know they aren't that attractive. in order to avoid the catfishes its best to meet women in real life

  • Lol look for the signs of only doing head shots. Headshots only = most likely chunky. I've seen these sorts of girls all the time, some of them I know personally. Guys do the same thing sometimes though. I went on a date with a body builder looking guy off tinder a while ago and apparently in person he was going through his bulking stage lolol was kinda fet

    • I'm about to setup a date with a tinder girl, and she's a bit chubby, but still in a cute way. At least she shows it in her pics though. I just hope her pics are recent.

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    • Yeah I'm definitely not the best when it comes to flirting and that whole teasing thing/smooth talking thing, i'll leave that for the players. haha. Normally I'll just give occasional simple compliments and then show a genuine interest in who they are, so hopefully the girls get the idea that I'm into them. Plus i'll remember the little intricate details and bring it up later on in conversation and be like so did you ever... bla bla bla? haha. Who knows, I try my best:)

    • Yeah, do that. It's best to be real. There's nothing worse than having a conversation that sounds like it was pre planned and executed a number of times on different women. I don't reall care for the smooth talking. I like to get to know the person and joke around a little.

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