Why do black guys pretend they don't get mad when black women date out?

I hear black guys say they don't care when black women date out but when I date black women I get looks and rolling of the eyes.


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  • I'm not exactly sure but when there is an beautiful black woman with a jaw-dropping physique, a sophisticated strut, a magnetic vibe, and a non-black man next to her, there are AT LEAST 5 black men who start giving Ursula (from the Little Mermaid) eyebrows. Lulz.

    • Especially if the non-black women they date are overweight, have excess fat, or are generally plain and/or average looking. I remember a white guy who loves black women/black culture and an African American guy chatting at work (while my nosey, bored ass was pretending not to listen). They saw a pretty black girl walk by with a white guy, hand in hand, and the African American guy seemed like he was offended while the white guy just looked at him and grinned like "Damn straight"


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  • Some genuinely don't care

  • Every race has the same problem. Anyone who does it is insecure. Thats what it boils down to.

    • From my experience every race admits they do but black guys.

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    • Its the wrong attitude to have.

    • Yeah but because of history they have it.

  • YES! I have encountered this! I dated a black man for a year (I am white) and I got all kinds of hateful looks, comments, and even threats from black women. People spray painted my mailbox in my apartment. So many nasty looks. I don't understand what I did. I am not even from this country. I am not a racist. I never took anyone's husband away, im just a girl trying to earn a living in a new country.

    • I don't think you understood my question. Why are black guys jealous of people dating black girls.

    • yes, I read it. My situation was the same, only it was black women jealous over a black man dating a white woman

  • never seen this before.

    • Well if you live in same race area of course you haven't

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  • Because we honestly don't care xD

    • Then explain salty looks I get. Some clearly do.

    • Well I honestly wouldn't care. They're probably jealous that you pulled an attractive black female. It's more of a "Damn, how did he pull that?" than being mad about it.