Girls, dates are made to happy girls?

Guys pick the girls, open the door, drag the chair for girls, pay the bill and finly we say thanks for spending your time. We do this all for girls whpitch show them that we re caring and loving so girls are happy with dtes. Ofcurse men are happy for treating her girl like this but we dont get same attetion, caring and love in the dates.

I am not blaming but i would like to know what girls do to us to make us happy?


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  • I give my man hugs, kisses, massage and cuddles. I care a lot about him. I may annoy him a little but I never stress him out. He's got my all attention.
    I pay for the bills sometimes cuz he won't let me pay all the time.
    I let him have his way. He always wants to be dominating so I get submissive for him but I do remind him from time to time that I'm a independent woman.
    Basically we're cool and totally frank. I let him know who is trying to flirt with me and he does the same so that there are no secrets or misunderstanding between us.

    • Great that was impressive.

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    • I should leave. Bye bye.

    • No one can say because no girl nothing for men. Ok thanks for your opinion


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  • I'll give you ONE.. yes ONE NICKEL.

    And perhaps a chicken edboy. You better be pleased with this greatest of offers for a date.

  • We give you our company...

    • We argiving our company but we are showing our caring, love...

  • Time and company. Can you answer your own question? What does a girl do in dates that makes guys happy?

    • Time and company, I give the same to you but LSO more then that love, caring...

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    • I don't what is mean lso

    • I don't know?

  • You get a hug :D and a good time too. :D

    What makes you feel happy?

    • We also give you good time and a hug, but in addition we show our caring and love.

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    • Not only you no one knows because there is no woman job but there re mn jobs.

    • Thanks for he opinion

  • If I love you I will kiss you ;)

    • This is not about sex , this is about love and crring

    • I know. I will give kissies if I love you.

    • Otherwise I will tell you to go fuck yourself.

  • I don't think that dragging a chair and paying a bill is a way to show love. It's a way to show a person that you're interested, but love takes time to develop. Girls like when guys do nice things like opening a door because it shows that the guy is a gentleman. Gentleman are genuinely kind and good people. Real gentlemen do nice things without expecting something in return. They open doors for ladies because it makes them happy. If you ask a girl on a date, you should try to make her happy. YOU asked HER to go on a date. Not the other way around. Although, some girls wouldn't mind splitting a check. Just because you treat a girl nice, doesn't mean she's going to immediately fall in love with you, have sex with you, or become your slave.

    • My slave an sex I am not talking bout those things

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    • Why would you drag a chair?

    • If I don't stage girls think I am not a gentele man