Why do so many men and women keep in touch with their ex's?

I really dont understand. There's a reason why they are your ex, yet you still try and talk to them? Why? Personally, every ex that I've had, I deleted them or never spoke to them again. I feel this is the best way for both of us to move on with our lives... But all this constant texting and snapchatting your ex, I just dont understand it? If your relationship meant something real, then you would realise that the best way to move on in life is to wish the other person a happy life and go your separate ways. Why this constant communication with you ex? there's a reason they are an X? Im I crazy for doing my way or something?


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  • I guess because while you was with that person in relationship the both parties contributed something to each other and it's better to stay friends and keep the valuable memories rather then cutting contact completely and destroying the grat moments the both parties had? That's what I would say to people who move from relationship to friends zone.

    • I can tell you from experience, wether you ended it well or not, that relation (ship) will fade. Whatever the reason, one or the other will slowly forget about him/her in due time

    • I guess so but in the mean time when both parties single it's not that easy to forget about it.

    • Guess I been doing it the hard way lol


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  • I think that it depends on why you broke up. If you simply broke up because you wanted different things, it was a mutual decision to do so, and it was a calm and amicable break up, why not stay friends? There's no anger between the two of you, you both understand that it just doesn't work out, but there's still a connection. Making a rule to break up with exes might mean missing out on a valuable friendship.


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  • Social / Cultural trend.