Girls is it a big deal if your boyfriend looked at another girl for 3 seconds let's say?

I was at the mall with my girlfriend and i'll be honest and say that i was looking at this girl for 3 seconds, then my girlfriend was like "what are you looking at?" i didn;t want to say another girl so was like "the food menu". Anyways so she tunred around and I don't know how she figureed it out but she was like "you were looking at the girl with the pink shorts right?". I was mind boggled like she even knew. So i apologized and told her and said yes. Then she got a bit mad cause i lied and she asked me if she was pretty and i said of course. So in the car she was like "don;t do that again", i told her i won't and it's not a big deal because i only have eyes for her. Apprently when i said "no big deal", she kinda lost it and as of now i mad at me.

Once again i apologized for my stupidity and told her to please call me back today. (no call back yet). Do you think it's a big deal? and what further more should i do?


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  • One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi. Yep that's too long. :P Be a little more slick. Glance quickly and look away. Reason being it's just a little rude when she is right there watching you. We are all human and we all look, but you don't want it to be obvious as I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate her doing it either. :P

    • i wouldn;t but yeah next time i won't stare


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  • Your girlfriend is insecure. There is no reason to get mad when someone just looks at another person. Jealousy is not becoming on anyone.

    • should i have a talk with her?

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    • You need too, because he asking you if you think she is pretty, just shows she doesn't see that she is. It's really very sad.

    • i'll have a good talk with her.

  • Looking isn't a big deal to me it's when they start flirting or the talking


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  • Woah, what a psychopath. Bro, who does she think she is? It's not like you immediately began dry humping upon laying eyes on her, and it was for 3 seconds. Tell her to lighten up. Where big boy pants and be the male in the relationship. Tell her how it is. It's not like she doesn't look at other guys for 3seconds. Nigga dang.

    Good luck bro, your relationship is a disaster waiting to happen unless you can get her to stop being such a psychopath.

  • If it is a big deal, you've got a big problem.