Is it wrong for me to desperately crave love?

is it wrong for me to desperately crave love? like I've gone most of my life without dating any girls. i don't know if it's because. i don't feel love. i mean i feel like i can give "the one" my heart, my soul, my everything :P but yeah i just feel nothing. and i want to feel something. i know when both people love each other they want to hold hands, kiss, and all that.

srry for sounding too mushy. i know im single. and haven't found anyone yet etc. im just trying to understand why i feel this way. big difference.


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  • Hmmm, a little ambiguous question in some ways... but totally natural feeling.
    You may be on the verge of ready to give, and receive. Both of these take time, patience and effort. Be authentic, have integrity and have fun (for yourself first).
    The next person you meet if your lucky may be a home run. Or like the rest of us, is a learning experience... to then go onward and upward.


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  • I don't think it is wrong.😛😛😊
    It's okay to feel that way.


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  • It's unhealthy to your mental health to be desperate on anything. However, wanting love is natural and very normal.